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January 2011

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Star Trek Rec List Part 1

If you are looking for Reboot fics go here.

What I like/don't like: About 99% of these fics will be K/S with a sprinkling of gen and other pairings (Sarek/Amanda, Sulu/Chekov, Scotty/Uhura etc.)  thrown in on occasion. I don't usually ship Kirk or Spock with anyone but each other, I also don't like threesomes, so you won't find fics that fit either of these criteria here. I'm a sucker for happy endings and for cliche plot devices, so there's lots of that in here too.

This rec list is not complete, I'm still in the process of going through my bookmarks and organizing them. I'm going to try to update this every day until I get them all down.

I only included the occasional warning and no ratings at all. Therefore, read at your own risk.
Happy Reading.


Communication- Jenna Hilary Sinclair
K/S epistolary fic! This is one of my absolute favorites. I go back to it again and again. 

Sharing the Sunlight series- Jenna Hilary Sinclair
K/S A wonderful 14 story series made up of both one shots and novel length fics.

World Turned Upside Down- Jenna Hilary Sinclair
A wonderful K/S story. This fic is a web archive, the original seems to have been taken down. In the interests of making this rec list as complete as possible I'm including it since it still seems to be floating around fandom.

Deep Water- Jenna Hilary Sinclair
K/S Another one of my favorites from this author. All is not necessarily as it seems to be.

From the Heart- Jenna Hilary Sinclair
K/S I truly recommend anything this author has written! This is one of my favorite post ST:TMP oneshots.

The Mistletoe Challenge- Amanda Warrington
K/S This story holds a special little place in my heart. Jim and Spock meet at the Starfleet Academy Winter Ball.

Learning Home- Sundara
K/S This has quickly become one of my favorite TOS fics. Jim and Spock are older and retired from Starfleet, first time fic. Even though retired, Kirk can't resist a challenge. Sometimes, though, challenges deliver more than you expect.

A House of Cedar- Sundara
K/S A post Search for Spock fic. After fal-tor-pan, Spock undergoes relearning on Vulcan...and when certain things are not included, a disgraced Starfleet Admiral changes that.

Four Times Kirk Noticed Spock And One Time Aliens Made Him Do Something About It (Sort Of)- thedeadparrot
K/S Kirk is pretty in touch with his emotions. Except for when he isn't.

Four Times Kirk Tried to Seduce Spock, and One Time He Succeeded.- belmanoir
K/S I'm not sure if this is reboot or TOS but I think it could work for either. Loved the last line!

Wilderness Were Paradise Enow- belmanoir
K/S Kirk wants to know if Spock is really unhappy on the Enterprise.

On Liberty- Hypatia Kosh
K/S A lovely little oneshot where Jim is frustrated and Spock is oblivious. *Website is down, wayback doesn't have it and I have yet to find it archived anywhere else. If it is archived somewhere else I'd be forever grateful if someone would comment with the link :).

For the Love of a Human- gentlist_sin
K/S Amok Time revisited :).

Absolution- TKeyla
K/S Warning: non-con (K/OFC) The Captain is kidnapped and held captive. Those who have him took him for a very specific reason. This fic was incredibly good, despite the non-con scene (which usually is enough to turn me off to a fic)

Another Country Beckons- Rae Trail
K/S, brief mentions of Spock/OMC. A starship captain discovers that his subconscious mind has been busily courting while his conscious mind runs his ship.

The Art of Love- Rae Trail
K/S Wonderful fic!

Out of the Big Black- Rae Trail
K/S A Generations fix it story. Check out the sequels as well :)

Cave Paintings- jesmihr
K/S Pon Farr fic. Also cave painting!

Liar's Itch- jesmihr
K/S A lovely, light hearted first time fic. Jim comes down with a virus.

Personal Affects- jesmihr
K/S Love this :) Spock considered for a split second, and then said, “I fear that your propensity for receiving messages via your cardiovascular system is…"
“…most illogical.” Kirk laughed softly. “Yes, I know. But I get some of my best information that way.”

Shelter and Poses- Leslie Fish
K/S Spock suffers a head injury in a shuttlecraft accident and reveals more than Kirk or McCoy expected. Alien biology! Something there is far too little of in fandom IMO.

Strong Together- UKJess
K/S I love this story. Spock is very in character and I love his POV in this fic. What also happened in New York. 

Touch- J S Cavalcante
K/S My favorite answer to the "He's Gay, Jim." challenge.

Nobler in the Mind- ArsenicSands
K/S A wonderful post Fal Tor Pan story.

Babes in the Woods- Dana Austin March
K/S One of my favorite established relationship stories.

The Power of Suggestion- Dana Austin March
K/S After rejecting the advances of a stranger, Kirk returns to his and Spock’s hotel room and during the night somehow is made to erroneously believe that he and Spock are lovers.

Rumor Has It- Dana Austin March
K/S Kirk and Spock decide to use the rumor that they are lovers to discourage crewmembers from making a play for either of them.

Incident Report- K'Sal
K/S Epistolary fic in the form of an incident report! Lovely!

A Fragile Destiny- mzsnaz
Sarek/Amanda This is probably the longest Sarek and Amanda get together fic I've ever read. It's not as romantic as I normally like (you have to wait till part 3 to really get to the romance) but the premise is interesting and the world building really makes the read worth it IMO. What if Sarek and Amanda's marriage had been arranged according to Vulcan custom?

Trying Times- Elise Madrid
K/S Nothing seems to go their way as Kirk and Spock try to get together.

Universe Within a Heart- Farfalla
K/S A whale and a bear guide a resurrected Spock back to his emotional place in the world.

Unintended- cim
K/S Accidental bonding fic, which I love!

Temporary Quarters- Blackbird Song
K/S First time fic taking place directly after ST:TMP. I love Spock's misbehaving fire pot!

Debt of Honor- Brianna Falken
K/S I was a little hesitant to rec this at first because of the rape scene, which is normally something that turns me off to a fic. This fic is amazing, however, and so worth the read. It's an AU where Earth and Vulcan have been at war. Jim Kirk and his crew get captured by Spock right when he is beginning to suffer from Pon Farr. You can guess where it goes from there. The fic wasn't as angsty as I feared, in fact it was a wholly enjoyable read!
Warning: Non-Con

Like a Tear Cast in Stone- CatalenaMara
K/S, OFC/OMC A Vulcan woman recently posted to the Enterprise has difficulty accepting human behavior and Spock's seeming betrayal of Vulcan by bonding with Kirk.

That of Which We Do Not Speak- kira_nerys
K/S It's been a long time since Jim and Spock were together, and Jim is excited, but what happens next is more exciting than he bargained for ... or is it?

Lost Sailor and Ripple- Greywolf the Wanderer
K/S A post Amok Time story and the sequel. Lovely! This is the way I wish it could have happened in the series.

What the Heart Remembers- Killa
K/S Takes place after ST IV. Can heroes ever really go home again?

Christmas Gifts- Blue Seduction- Kira_nerys
K/S I've read a few of these: Spock and Jim spend Christmas in a cabin on earth. This is my favorite :).

Transition- Anyonerelevant
Gen Spock's first impressions of Captain Kirk

Holding Hands- Saavant
K/S Crack fic, almost. Really, really different Vulcan biology :).

The Warrior's Way- Tmara
K/S Spock saves Jim from an Orion slave trader.

Improvisation- Veroneeka and Ruth Gifford
K/S Long and plotty, which is just how I like it :).

K/S Amazingly wonderful, plot filled established relationship fic!

I Wake to You- Farfalla
K/S Post Amok Time. "Eternity with you is almost proof of cosmic grace." (sigh) I love that line :).

Miracle of the Lights- Sara
K/S A Hanukkah story taking place after ST:TMP. Lovely :).

The Wedding Gift- Jungle Kitty
K/S (teeny, tiny K/OFC) A telepath asks for a kiss and then gives Jim some much needed advice.

Where the Dreams- T'Pat
K/S A sweet first time fic.

Quartet Plus Two- Clair Gabriel
Sarek/Amanda, Kirk, Spock, A series of six fics begining with Sarek and Amanda's meeting and ending with a rather interesting mission on the Enterprise fic. No K/S per se, but the friendship between the two is central to the last story.

Never and Always- raku
K/S Spock uses logic to seduce Jim, followed by a whole heap of Vulcan mysticism. Takes place between ST IV & V.

Sensate Focus-Lyra
K/S Long and plotty :).

K/S This reads like a pretty interesting murder mystery. Spock has been found guilty of murder.

Heart's Desire series- Islaofhope
K/S After Spock rescues Kirk from the Tholian space, they realize what they almost lost, but will they have the courage to do something about it?

Emotions- Lady Ra
K/S Spock gets drugged on a shore leave and is overwhelmed with its effects.  Kirk tries to pick up the pieces.

Hours of Freedom- Vanasati
K/S A wonderful take on the amnesia plot device! Lovely!

A Means to an End- T'Guess
K/S A wonderful 'morning after the night before' fic!

Bonding for Dummies- Farfalla
K/S Jim and Spock bond . . .with interesting consequences.

Need- jemariel
K/S Another wonderful post Amok Time fic!

Patterns- Liz Ellington
K/S Bones finds himself put in the position of matchmaker to Jim and Spock. Lovely!

A Difference That Makes All The Difference- Ray Newton
K/S Yet another alien biology fic, and a lovely first time fic as well :).

Forget Me Not- Dread Nought
K/S Spock decides his captain is worth getting to know much better and works out how to accomplish this.

First Contact-tara fluer
K/S pre-slash Academy fic! An interesting take on Kirk and Spock's first meeting.

Check Mate- Amanda Warrington
K/S What really happened on Ardana. It's James Kirk, not Droxine, who Spock wants to woo. Brilliant! I love the way Spock is written here!

The Curious Conversion of Captain Kirk-farfalla
K/S Pon Farr turns Jim into a were-vulcan. I kid you not. This fic is cracktastic!

Till it Be Morrow-Ray Newton
K/S An established relationship Pon Farr story.

No and Yes-Liz Ellington
K/S I'm not sure how I missed this little gem till now. Jim and Spock are bonded without knowing it and Sarek plays matchmaker.

However Improbable-KCS
Gen A Sherlock Holmes/Star Trek TOS. Two of my favorite fandoms in one fic! I love the interaction between all of the characters. Long and well written.

The Word Withheld-JS Cavalcante
K/S I read this one a while ago and could have sworn I had already reced it here. Apparently not. Spock goes back in time to give himself some much needed advice.

Water's Edge-Phoenix2063
K/S Another 'away mission gone wrong' fic. I love how Spock is depicted in this fic.

Cries of the Children-Debbie Cummins
I read this as K/S pre-slash. Spock travels briefly to an alternate dimension, resulting in devastating consequences.

Heart to Heart-Kradie/Apolesen
K/S, mentions of McCoy/Natira. This fic is a bit on the angstier side than many of the other fics I rec but I just loved it so much! I adore fics that show Spock and Jim growing old together and this does it so well.

Pillar of Life-Cruz
K/S This is how I wish the first five year mission could have ended. Beautifully heartwarming fic.

Semantics-Jack Hawksmoor
K/S The aftermath of Pon Farr, Spock is wonderfully hesitant and Jim is just trying to get him to understand.

Intreat Me Not To Leave Thee-C. M. Decarnin
K/S, Warning BDSM, I went back and forth about reccing this fic for a while. Let me first say that it deals with a BDSM relationship between Jim and Spock and it skirts the line of dub-con at times. If that's not your cup of tea I'd suggest skipping over it. That being said, this is an incredibly powerful fic. It took me out of my comfort zone (not so far that I wanted to stop reading, but just to the edge) and kept me there until the very end. For all that I don't usually get into BDSM I definitely felt this fic was worth the read.

K/S Spock's emotions take a while to come back after the Fal Tor Pan.

The Flavor of Gold-Sylvia Bond
K/S A wonderful first time fic. Jim is on a one man mission and Spock tracks him down.

Transcend With Me-verizonhorizon
K/S A simple conversation directly after ST:TMP.

Merry Month of . . .Mistletoe?-Liz Ellington
K/S Spock brings up an . . . interesting topic. :D

I've Got My Love to Keep Me Warm-BlueVelvetSpock
K/S Spock knits :).

Sarek/Amanda A wonderful story about how Sarek and Amanda fall in love! It also, as a rather interesting side plot, addresses the transformation of Earth's economy into the credit based system seen in the show.

The Squire of Eros-Aldora89
K/S Oh how I love this fic! Trelane returns for some Valentine's Day mischief.

Balance-Amanda Warrington
K/S Spock notices that his Captain seems to get a thrill out of being in danger. Another wonderful fic from Amanda Warrington :).


hi - the new link to 'an expression of love' is http://thyla.com/expression-love.html ... where several others stories by the same author is as well... :)
I wanted to let you know that I found a link to Hours of Freedom by Vanasati: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ASCEML/message/102270

BTW - you have to sign up for yahoo because of it's rating. Also, the rest of the fic can be found by searching for 'Hours of Freedom Vanasati'
Thanks for the link :). It's about time for me to go through and check/update my list so this comes at a good time.
Thank you! I followed the link & then felt really dumb that I couldn't find the rest of it - thanks for the instruction.

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