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January 2011

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What the Heart Wants

Fandom: Star Trek XI
Pairings: Kirk/Spock, mentions of Spock/Uhura
Warnings: Maybe a little angst, Slash
Notes: Written for st_xi_kink prompt: Kirk was trying to be mature and polite about his affection for Spock, what with Kirk thinking Spock and Uhara are still together and all. He tried hard not to be obvious (everyone knows anyway), but when Spock got seriously injured during a mission, Kirk went nuts. Here: community.livejournal.com/st_xi_kink/1886.html
Thanks to my beta l_vera01 

What the Heart WantsCollapse )


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*giggles* Lovely!
Heee! I loved this! I loved Kirk in this, he's so adorable and great. Great fic!
McCoy winning and being awesome? Check.
Mind Meld? Check.
Awkward sex/confession? Check.
Tentacle Monsters? Check.

This was like a picture book perfect oneshot ♥♥♥
I love this - it feels exactly right.

Ohh, awesome!
This is wonderful! I love the giving-away-their-feelings-when-the-other-gets-injured trope, and the use of telepathy here is perfect. I also love Uhura, and the fact that the crew know what's going on before Kirk and Spock do. And the honesty about the sex is perfect. This is going in my next batch of recs :-)
Read and enjoyed. :-)
I completely loved this, especially the whole crew knowing and the bond and Uhura being awesome.

Full disclosure though, I was completely jolted out of the fic by the first kiss and the reference to Spock being a head taller, as there is only an inch difference in height between Pine and Quinto. (Because I'm compulsive like that, when Ambassador Spock and Kirk met in the ice cave them being the same height drew out of the story for a moment as Shatner was a few inches shorter).

But! Awesome fic!
Honestly, I didn't even think of this! In my imagination Spock will always be quite a bit taller than Kirk.
Thanks for pointing this out. I'm not sure yet whether I'll go back and change that but I'll remember it for future fics.
Fantastic! I loved this! Jim keeping his feelings under wraps, until he can't, and then finding out that Spock feels the same way. And he betting. *g*
This makes me happy.
Oh, I love these boys. ♥
They've already had to deal with one guy who followed them all the way to Earth from Sigma Six before Jim managed to beat into his head that Uhura was just not interested and could he please stop stalking the Enterprise.

ahahaha. Brilliant. Excellent story!
I love everyone in here. Spock. Kirk. Uhura, and even great-timing Chekov!
Great, thanks.
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